I dont know what type of business to start (Part 3)

Coaching, realtors, and building a house

Everybody wants to be a coach, but I consider myself more of a strategist. Everyone wants to do what everyone else is doing, but that may not be your lane. There’re sales coaches out there who make tons of money because there’s big money to be had in sales, but sales are just not my lane.

If you’re selling cars or subscriptions or doing anything to convince people to buy something, I think that you should be a sales coach or strategist, since you understand the significance of sales.

Realtors should be killing the game when it comes to courses and webinars. They’re a mixture between a sales and a life coach, as well as a counselor. Buying a house is an emotional experience, and they have to manage people’s expectations while putting in offers on a house that they may or may not get; people won’t be able to sleep at night, and they’ll be biting their nails. After sales, they have to go through the close process, and the realtor has to manage their emotions, expectations, and frustrations.

If feel that real estate people should really be taking part in this live streaming game more than anyone else, teaching people about the art of selling.

When it comes down to it, buying equals emotions. I truly believe that, when someone’s buying a car, a car, or a TV, it’s all about triggering someone’s emotions, getting them to think “I have to have this!”. There’s an art to that, and real estate is the pinnacle of sales, to me, given that people aren’t spending crumbs on it (well, not unless they’re doing [17:55 – tax what?], but we don’t need real estate people for that).

Buying a home means spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, at times, and this is scary money. We’re talking about a guy from a small town, who grew up in a three-bedroom house with seven other people—cousins, aunts, grandparents, and so on. I remember that, when I was building a home, I went from that to one that was three times the size, and that was worth eight times the amount my grandparents paid for it. It was a roller coaster for me, and I didn’t get to enjoy the process at all, because I was nervous.

I just knew that someone was going to happen, but I didn’t know what. I was second-guessing myself, but that was just the enemy trying to discourage me from my blessing. It was very emotional, and I didn’t enjoy the process while my house was being built. When I drove by my house in the mornings, if I didn’t see something that wasn’t being done even though it should’ve, I would call and ask about it, why the people weren’t there, and so on. They have to tell me that it was 6 o’clock in the morning, no one would be getting to my house until about 7, and that I’d need to calm down.

Still, that’s just who I was at the time. I had to be at work at 6 a.m. at the time, so I was just wondering why no work was being done. I didn’t enjoy the process, and it’s something that relates to the sales behind it.

If you’re a realtor, you should consider doing sales classes, and coaching people on just the art of sales—on how to communicate with people.

There are super expensive coaching programs out there, and they’re quite relevant; they’re programs people need to have, that can change people’s lives and help them. Still, some people are going to be apprehensive about spending $10,000 on a program, even if it does provide a payment plan.

I feel that a real estate agent could be beneficial to someone in that arena, by just showing them the art of sales, of making people understand that, even though they’re making a big purchase, a big step in their lives, it will help them and be beneficial for them.

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