I dont know what type of business to start (Series Finale)

Should I start a business that helps people figure out what kind of business they want to start?

Absolutely! This is one of the things that I do: helping people make strategies on the type of business they can start, and the skillsets they have. People come to me needing to make money, to build a model that they can consistently replicate, and that they’re good at.


We look at their skillsets, break down everything they do, and figure out which ones they enjoy doing the most, then we come up with a strategy to help them monetize those skillsets. We come up with a set of services they should offer, along with pricing for those services. As long as people take that information and use it, it’ll be valuable to them. It’s a form of consulting.


Even though some items might seem minor to people, or they can seem silly to them, we have to understand that we have to start investing in ourselves.


Someone might feel that it’s silly for another person to tell them how to start a business or do something else of that sort. They may especially feel that paying a few hundred dollars for this is silly, but they see it as okay to pay someone $50,000 for a college degree, to basically be told “Read chapter one in book X, and tell me what you’ve learned. Next week, read chapter two.”, and so on. There’re people spending $50,000 on a college degree, only to be told what books to read and what papers to write about those books; not to mention that they’ll overcharge you for the book.


Still, people think that this is the smart thing to do, and they get into massive student-loan debt; by the time they’ve paid those off, they’ve paid $100,000. At the same time, people going to trade schools are looked down upon. A teacher can spend over $30,000 on a degree, and make around $35,000 per year.


Someone will finish high school, get their diploma, go to a trade school, learn how to weld, and make over $80,000 per year. Learning the trait will have cost them $3,000–$5,000.


What blows my mind is that a person can talk down someone who went to a trade school.


People consulting or coaching are really teaching a trade, and they’re doing it for a fraction of the cost of a college degree. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go to college, or that people with degrees are stupid (I have a Bachelor’s myself), but there are people getting degrees in history, spending 4 years doing it, but never actually becoming historians.


I know people who have degrees in international business, who don’t even work in domestic business; people who have degrees in business administration, but all they learn is managing someone else’s business, not how to start one. I was a business administration major before switching to an IT one, and I didn’t even know what an LLC, S corporation, or any of those terms were, until almost a decade after I finished school. They don’t teach you that in business administration school, even though it’s supposed to be a pinnacle of a 4-year degree in business. I know people with MBAs, who still don’t know those things.


Despite this, there’re people who feel that going to college is the best things to do, rather than investing in someone who can teach them what kind of business to start, for a fraction of the cost.


Let’s say that someone wants to start a business, but they don’t want to pay a consultant $10,000 to teach them how to do that. Instead, they’ll go to school and pay $30,000–$40,000 for a business administration degree, to learn about business.


Think about that for a second: you’re learning from someone whose job is to teach you about whatever the curriculum contains, but you’ll scoff at paying a few grand to someone who is a business owner, and who does business for a living. Mind. Blown.


I was one of the people wondering why we need coaches until I came across someone by the name of Ryan Roy, the first life coach I saw in action. The second person I saw was Kelly James. I became good friends with both of them, and I’ve had them as coaches and mentors. They changed my whole thinking around what coaching is, and what it’s supposed to be.


You should take an inventory of what services you can provide because that’s all that business really is: providing a service in exchange for money.

I hope this series definitely helped some people. Thank you so much for tuning in. More to come check back daily for new blog posts and upcoming series. To schedule your session and start your own online business.  Click Here to get started…


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