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The Joseph Economy

This book was written for those looking to get a basic understanding of personal finances. We take the principles from Joseph's life in Egypt and show you how you can apply them to your life now. This book covers the basics of Budgeting, Credit, Savings, and ways to make money online.

Hi, I’m George Pitts.

Coach, Money Strategist, Entrepreneur

Most people mistakenly believe that you have to be born into a certain type of family or have a special set of skills to accomlish great things in life.This is far from the truth. I know this firsthand because I am an example of what is possible when truly believe.


Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Do you believe that you can have more, be more and do more, but just not sure where to begin? I have the knowledge and expertise to take you and your business to the next level.
Here’s how I can help:

Premium Courses

Course Topics On

  • How to Create Profitable Webinars
  • How to make money with e-commerce
  • Starting a Credit Repair Agency Online
  • Building Multiple Streams of Income

1 on 1 Coaching

Sessions Can Include

  • Income Generating Strategies
  • Identifying Profitable Digital Products & Services
  • Live Streaming Strategies that Monetize
  • Launching a New Online Business


This may include

  • Free E-Mail Courses
  • Free Video Trainings
  • Discounts to Paid Content
  • Private Group Coaching Invites

Training / Coaching Packages

One-Time Fee

Monetize Your Website Class

  • Learn how to monetize your website and your message..
  • Interested in the stock market?
    Explore options for investing.
  • Discover new courses as they become available.
  • And more!

One-Time Fee

Credit Repair Master Class

  • Develop the skills to repair, rebuild & maintain your credit.
  • Stop depending on other companies to fix things that have no significant bearing on your credit.
  • Learn the necessary steps to stay on track.

One-Time Fee

eBay Masterclass

  • Learn how to find HOT items and what's selling.
  • Gain access to free tools and keywords for product listings.
  • Learn the tricks of TOP eBAY SELLERS.
  • Find out where to buy discounted items and more!

Multiple coaching options

One-On-One Coaching

  • Get customized one-on-one coaching with George Pitts.
  • Select the strategy session that meet your specific needs.
  • Learn how to reach your goals with a coach who understands your journey.
  • Partner with an expert who will hold you accountable.

Mindset Matters

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