I dont know what kind of business to start

After seeing so many people on social media—on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, and so on—talking about their businesses, the courses they have coming out, the events they have coming up, their sessions, specials, and everything else, many of you have gotten to that dreadful stage of “Man, I really want to get to that point! I really want to do something like that, but I don’t know what business to start, what to do, or what to offer.”.


I want you to take an inventory of what you’ll do today. Many of you are probably getting up, getting ready to get dressed, go to work, and do your thing, and I want you to take an inventory of what you’ll do today. I’m a true believer that most answers we’re looking for are right in front of us, so when you clock in or walk in through that front door, I want you to ask yourself “Okay, what am I doing today? Am I providing customer service to the people? Am I interacting with them? Am I selling to them? Am I doing some kind of industrial work?”.


I’m asking you to do this because what you’re being paid for is providing value for someone. Regardless of what it is you’re doing, someone sees value in that, and that’s why they’re paying you to do it; it’s why they’re paying a salary, paying part of your insurance, paying a percentage of your 401(k) to invest into that company, and paying for the building that you’re reporting to every day—for the lights and water to stay on. They pay because they see value in what it is that you’re doing. It’s valuable enough for them to make an investment, because they know they’ll get 5, 10, or 15 times that back.


I want you to take an inventory of what you’ll do today, and to ask yourself “If I’m able to do this, then there’s obviously someone else who can do this service.”


If you’re someone who provides customer service to people—either answering the phones or greeting the people coming in—then you need to start reaching out to places that have websites or provide other online services, and say something like “I see that you get a lot of traffic on this site, but I see that you don’t have someone like me for it. I would love to greet your customers whenever they come to your site, and answer any questions they may have, and so give your website visitors a better experience.”


If you’re someone in an industry with some type of hands-on work, such as warehouses, logistics, or anything in those lines, you could start looking around in your area, for smaller companies like that, which may need someone to oversee their logistics. You can talk to them about how you manage logistics, help them bring in that system, or do whatever that situation may require.


If we’re talking about team managers, I’ve just hired someone to manage my team, given that I’m growing and I’m adding people to my staff. There’re literally people out there who will pay you to run their team. They have [Ed. We have?] virtual assistants from Bangladesh and the Philippines, a web designer from India, someone from Jamaica and the U.K. [Ed. Not low-cost], who writes articles. All of these are places where people go to find low-cost resources for services like the ones I mentioned.


There are people who will pay you to run their teams; they can manage your virtual team, social media, and whatever else you need. You can tell them what your vision for the business is, and they’ll oversee that, making sure that things run smoothly.

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