I don’t take it for granted that I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people over the years. Each client, podcast interviewee, and student are part of my amazing community and one of the reasons that I love doing what I do. Every opportunity I’m given to share my knowledge is another opportunity for me to grow as a person.

Here are some of the kind words that others have shared:

Joan Hill
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George truly cares about people, this quality, I believe is one of the reasons his programs and students are successful. He's invested in the success of his mentees, he wants us to get pass our hurdles and propel to the next level. Great person to work with!
Alandra Craig
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Very helpful and great information. Always giving value!
Cailan T. Sandusky
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Great content and straight to the point when it comes to ways on how to stream more income!
Chinue Phillips
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You can take what he teaches to the bank and cash it in. He is awesome. The information is priceless. As he says "there is money in the land" . George Pitts shows you how to uncover it
Andrea Benson
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George Pitts is a teacher, leader an a great man of God. He's not going to tell or teach you nothing that he himself has not done. He is highly recommended by me.
Carol Meade
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Love your periscope teachings. You are passionate about how to make money and you share freely with others. You are a great teacher, who knows how to break down your teaching to your audience. Thanks for sharing. I have been a follower for about a year. Blessings.
Simone Monie Clarke
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He is the ultimate coach. He gives you valuable information on a consistent basis! I can always count on him to motivate me and to say that he is the "plug" is an understatement! Xoxo
Sandra Fontes
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George is very helpful and wants to see the best for everyone and he will go out of his way to do that.
April Rease
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George always gives you information that you can start using immediately, and his classes are amazing. Plus he is there to help with all question.
Sheila Tyler
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George is very informative and open to help others gain multiple streams of income.
Rudy Jean-baptiste
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Mr. Pitts is the real deal !!! I highly recommend his services if you need help accomplishing/ jumpstarting any goal you may have.